Fairy tale illustrated: LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD


Fairy tale illustrated, interactive and narrated with great warmth and skill by a young interpreter.
The illustrations were made by a contemporary cartoonist who has been able to translate the lyrics in enjoyable and colorful images.
The story has been adapted for young children and impressionable ones.
All the characters of the story: Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf, the grandmother, the hunter, the animals on the woods and other elements of the scenes were made as stickers that can be dragged on the screen for the entertainment of children.
To proceed in the story is just a small slip of the finger on the screen, in the most classic of interaction with your iPhone / iPod, change text and images.
The voice playback of the text is activated by simply pressing the icon of the sound.
The new way of telling stories to your children!



drag from right to left to advance the story, change texts and images

drag from left to right to return to previous screens in history, change texts and images

you can drag and drop the characters on stage

the icon at the top on the right of the screen is to start the narrator voice

icon in the upper left is to return to main menu


Artwork: I. Mars.
Production: ManualiPc
Powered by Cocos2D


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